P25 / APCO-25 (Project 25)

MMDVM Project-25 Reflectors

Talk Group Summary

For your LOCAL TalkGroup, should always be 2 and Parrot *Echo Test* is 10, to disconnect will always be 9999

Service TalkGroup Reflector IP Port Dashboard
World Wide TG 10100 41000 m1geo.com/p25
North America TG 10200 41000 dvswitch.org/p25reflector
North America TAC1 TG 10201 41010 dvswitch.org/tacreflector
Europe TG 10300 41000 p25-eu.n18.de
Pacific TG 10400 41000 pacificp25.repeaters.info
Pacific TAC1 TG 10401 41010 pacifictac1.repeaters.info
China TG 10402 41000 hamclub.net/mmdvm/p25

The MMDVM Project is the brain-child of Jonathan G4KLX. The project is coordinated on 
the MMDVM Yahoo! Group.

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