D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio)


First you MUST register your callsign with the ICOM Trust Server to access the true original D-Star system

D-Star Controls under UR:

CQCQCQ = Normal Conversation

REF001CL = Connect to Reflector 1, module C with Link

U = Unlink from Reflector (Must be in 8th character)

I = Information on repeater(Must be in 8th character)

E = Echo Test (Must be in 8th character)


How to access the XLX Reflectors.

There’s a new kid in town, and he’s called XLX.
So now we have REF, XRF, DCS, and XLX reflectors.

With so many reflectors barely used or falling into disuse it may make you wonder as to Why?

Some of these XLX reflectors have sprung up from some of the XRF reflectors, and are still XRF.

The reason is that the XLX reflectors are Multi Protocol, they can be accessed via DPlus, DExtra and DCS protocols.

So how do you go about using them?

DTMF works with this, so D270B would take you to XLX270B.

A similar thing can be done to add the XLX Reflectors as XRF or REF.

XLX Reflector Dashboard

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