MMDVM   147.3600 +600 KHz REPEATER 


P25, C4FM (Fusion), D-Star, Nexedge (NXDN) & DMR

Monitor the Linked System (Talk Groups)

TG 2 is the Local Talk Group for Laredo

TG 10 is an Echo Test system, to check your signal, TG 9999 is to Unlink

World Wide TG 10100 41000 m1geo.com/p25
North America TG 10200 41000 dvswitch.org/p25reflector
North America TAC1 TG 10201 41010 dvswitch.org/tacreflector
Europe TG 10300 41000 p25-eu.n18.de
Pacific TG 10400 41000 pacificp25.repeaters.info
Pacific TAC1 TG 10401 41010 pacifictac1.repeaters.info
China TG 10402 41000 hamclub.net/mmdvm/p25

Important Links

D-Star iCOM & Kenwood

Yaesu Fusion C4FM

Brandmeister Network

Brandmeister Lasheard List

Yaesu Fusion Active Rooms List

Yaesu Fusion Active ID List

ICOM/Kenwood D-Star Users Lastheard List


Icom/Kenwood NexEDGE (NXDN) Amateur Website Information

Talkgroup ID Description m
1 Local
302 Canada
505 Australia Cross-linked DMR (Brandmeister 50599) & Fusion
1200 Florida Statewide
1201 Florida Central West
2700 Brevard County Florida Local

9000 Bridge Icom & Kenwood NXCore NXDN networks
10400 Pacific Regional.
10922CQ-UK. Cross-mode reflector.
20000 Deutsch. Multi-mode support.

25000 Massachusetts Statewide
31088 —Colorado HD (Hotspot Discussion)
31171 Illinois Link. Link to NXDN, Fusion, and DMR

31188 —Multi-Mode link to a net Southern Indiana.
Info at w9win.net.
31137 Kingsland Link (GA). Multi-mode support. Links to Brandmeister 311307 on DMR.
31374 Carolina Link. Multi-mode support
31444 Rhode Island Link. XLX Reflector with multi-mode support
31648XLX Reflector providing cross-mode connectivity to DMR (Brandmeister 31648), Fusion, and P25.
50525 XLX Reflector providing cross-mode connectivity to DMR (Brandmeister 50525)
65000 Worldwide

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